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Center of Chemistry & Chemical Excellence (CCCE)

The rostrum to showcase research on Chemical & Chemistry globally and get an opportunity to learn new techniques via training programs and lectures.

Publish your research in open access journals.
Because science will grow when the research will open for every one.










Chief Mentor
Prof. Dr. R. K. Khandal
President R&D and Business Development,
India Glycols Ltd.
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International Journals

CCCE has 17 international Journals under JournalsPub Imprint . It covers different subjects of Chemistry like Chemical Engineering, Green Chemistry, Separation Technology, Composite materials, Thermodynamics etc.

National Journals

CCCE has 8 national journals under STM Journals in print. It covers various areas of life chemistry like Physical Chemistry, Inorganic, Organic, Medicinal, Biochemistry, catalysis, Polymeric Chemistry, Chemical Engineering etc.

Training Programs And Live Lectures

Online Training programs are conducting on various field of chemistry and chemical engineering. Collaborators are welcome.

Conferences And Webinars

CCCE provides the platform for organizing conferences and webinars.

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