Types of Membership

1.CCCE Individual Membership

  • Professionals [Academicians like Professors, Scientist, HOD]
  • Young Professionals [ Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Faculty, M.Tech]
  • Researchers [ Research Students & Ph.D. Scholars]
  • Graduate Students [B.Tech & B.Sc.]

2.CCCE Corporate Membership

  • Industrialists and People from Different Chemical Societies.

3.CCCE Emeritus Membership

  • Senior Professionals [Retired Academicians]

4. CCCE Institutional Membership

  • Universities, Colleges, Institutions.
Advantage of CCCE Membership:

 1.Our excellence promote collaboration among members with common interests in specialized area of chemistry and chemical engineering.

2.It provide convenient networking and education events on regular basis as well as opportunities for member to take on leadership roles within the association.

3.Members Benefits like career service, webinars and member discount.

4.Subscription to the monthly and annually journals of chemistry and chemical engineering.

5.Discounted registration for conferences and short courses to the members of CCCE.

6.Proceedings of the annual conference.

Termination of Membership

Any membership shall cease by death, resignation or removal. A member whose annual subscription is  for one year and if  member is not so responsive and responsible for work shall may be removed from the membership of the member by the organization. Such a member may however be readmitted by the organization on his clearing the membership fine and paying a fine of Rs.500. A member is liable to be removed by the organization from the membership of the CCCE if he/she is declared insolvent or convicted of a criminal Offence.