Centre of Chemistry and Chemical Excellence (CCCE)

CCCE is a premier Scientific body. The objective of CCCE is to promote chemical professionals with knowledge and skills to manage the specific fields of chemical manufacturing, analytical chemistry, energy/environmental engineering, materials engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, nuclear engineering and product/process development. This Centre aims to contribute to the process of nation-building by training and bringing out efficient and competent multidisciplinary professionals. It provides a platform to the outstanding academicians, students, researchers and scientists to share their knowledge, skills and research work worldwide through this platform.


CCCE aims to be recognized as a division of excellence in chemical engineering education and research.  It values integrity, diversity, critical thinking, impartial judgment, change, innovation, and collegiality.


Knowledge & Solutions for a changing world. CCCE is to provide the platform for research scholars, scientists, undergraduates, postgraduates, professors in the fields of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and to conduct research for the benefit of society.