Series wise Book Titles

Series Title 1: Principles of Chemical Engineering
1. Components of Chemical Engineering
2. Unit Processes & Unit Operations
3. Paradigm shifts in Chemical Engineering
4. Process Dynamics and Control
5. Fluid Dynamics for Chemical Engineers

Series Title 2: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
1.Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
2.Elements of Chemical Thermodynamics
3.Phase Equilibria
4.Chemical Reaction Equilibrium
5.Non-Equilibrium- Statistical Thermodynamics

Series Title 3: Chemical Reaction Engineering
1.Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering
2.Non-Ideal Flow of Chemical Reaction
3.Kinetics of Homogeneous Reactions and Evaluation
4.Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design

Series Title 4: Catalytic Reaction Engineering
1.Understanding Catalysts
2.Kinetics of Solid Catalyzed Reactions
3.Catalyst Deactivation
4.Design and Development of Heterogeneous Reactors

Series Title 5: Chemical Process Design
1.Introduction of Chemical Process Design
2.Optimization of Chemical Processes
3.Process Modelling and Simulation
4.Chemical Process Industries

Series Title 6: Chemical Technology
1.Air Pollution Control Technology
2.Water Pollution Control Technology
3.Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy Technology
4.Bioenergy and Green Fuels
5.Fuel Cell Technology
6.Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering

Series Title 7: Transport Phenomena
1.Introduction to Transport Phenomena
2.Momentum Transport
3.Energy Transport
4.Mass Transport
5.Transport Phenomena in Bioprocess Systems

Series Title 8: Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer
1.Introduction to Heat and Mass Transfer
2.Heat and Mass Transfer in Packed and Fluidized Beds
3.Membrane Separation Processes
4.Multicomponent Heat and Mass Transfer

Series Title 9: Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering
1.Chemo-informatics and Computational Chemical Biology
2.Scientific Computing in Chemical Engineering
3.Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials
4.Applied Numerical Methods.

Series Title 10: Enzyme Engineering and Technology
1.Enzyme Engineering and Technology
2.Kinetics of Balanced and Transient Growth
3.Kinetic Models
4.Ideal and Non-Ideal Bioreactors
5.Sterilization of Bioreactors and Multiphase Bioreactors
6.Transport Phenomena in Bioprocess Systems