CCCE Membership is necessary for all chemistry/chemical engineering stakeholders to join professional engineering organizations for many reasons – Let’s look at some of the advantages of joining a professional chemistry/chemical engineering organization.

Education: Science and technology changes rapidly—and you need to keep up with the changes that affect research and technology. Like state licensing boards, many specialty certification boards require you to take continuing education courses to stay up-to-date in your practice. In terms of education, CCCE is providing a hub of chemistry/chemical engineering education to enhance your knowledge and learning skills at reduced prices.

Networking: As a member of a professional association, you’ll have plenty of other networking opportunities besides connecting with other chemistry/chemical engineering professionals at national, state, or local conventions. With CCCE association not only you can network with your peers and other professionals, but you can also hear how others are handling some of the same issues you face.

Career assistance: CCCE is proving an open platform for all chemistry/chemical engineering stakeholders for discussion and generate solution of all mutual concerns. Job seekers may discuss with others like associations, industries, academic institutes and universities, to move ahead or take a step of success in the field of science & technology. With CCCE membership you can stay in touch with latest trends in Chemistry/Chemical Education.

Websites and Vital component of lifelong learning: Being a member of professional associations, you can get general information about current changes and upcoming issues in the field of Chemistry/Chemical Engineering. All members on this platform can explore chemistry/chemical journals, books and training programs and updates about conferences with innovative research in wide era of chemistry/chemical education.

Choosing the Right Association: How do you know which association is best for you? It comes down to what you’d like the association to do for you, how it fits into your professional and personal life, and what you want to contribute to the organization. If you’ve never joined a chemistry/chemical engineering based professional organization, we are proving you a podium to start with today.

Professional development does not end with graduation from chemistry/chemical engineering institute. The progression of professional development is a lifelong process that requires active participation. Joining a chemistry/chemical engineering organization is only one path to consider as you continue to develop into a professional electrical engineer.