September 6, 2018

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Centre of Chemistry and Chemical Excellence (CCCE) is a premier Scientific body. The objective of CCCE is to promote advanced chemical professionals with knowledge and skills to manage the specific fields of chemical manufacturing, analytical chemistry, energy/environmental engineering, manufacturing engineering, materials engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, nuclear engineering, and product/process development. This centre of excellence aims to contribute in the process of nation building by training and bringing out efficient and competent professionals. Our Centre of Excellence provides a platform to outstanding academician, students, researchers and scientists to share their knowledge and skills worldwide through this platform.


CCCE aims to be recognized as a division of excellence in chemical engineering education and research.  It values integrity, diversity, critical thinking, impartial judgment, change, innovation, and collegiality.


Knowledge & Solutions for a changing world. CCCE is to provide the platform for research scholars, scientists, undergraduates, post graduates, professors in the fields of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and to conduct research for the benefit of society.


Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is a branch of science that covers physical sciences (physics and chemistry) and life sciences (microbiology and biochemistry) together with applied mathematics and economics to produce, transform, transport and proper use of  chemicals, materials and energy. Chemistry explores all the aspects of substances, molecules, the reactions between them at a microscopic scale. It has a huge role in the manufacturing of food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical innovations and treatments whereas chemical engineering deals with the design, manufacturing and operation of plants and machinery and also development of new materials or substances.It also covers about transforming raw materials (such as wood, metal, plastics, etc.) into useful products that people truly depend on a daily basis like food, clothes and energy. In today’s time there is a lot of scope and opportunities in chemistry and chemical engineering field which starts from research to develop an improved manufacturing process, provides safety measures for those working with dangerous chemicals, works on making products like food and drinks and goes on to  protect the environment by providing health and safety standards.

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About Us

About Us

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